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What motivates us?

It can be pretty hard creating a website when you don't have many resources. You either have 'that friend' who's good with computers, or you rely on an internet service to help make your website for you. The problem is these services are often very pricey or look terrible. aims to be 'that friend' for passionate kiwis to help get themselves, or their awesome idea, on the internet for as little cost as possible without compromising on quality.

Who are we?

I'm Archie Buissink, the founder and developer of I am a high school student from Auckland and I'm a budding web developer who also enjoys giving back to the community. I created this site to give me something productive to do over summer and improve my web design skills while providing something that benefits everyone. You can find out more about me at my personal site which I made,

What can we do?

We can build you a free website for yourself, or a venture or project of yours. We will work with you to create it based on your specifications, and help you host and maintain it.

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What we can provide

Domain Name (eg No, although we recommend Namecheap
Website Hosting Yes, using GitHub Pages
Website Creation Yes
Tech Help Yes
Contact us if you have any specific questions about what we provide. We will attempt to find a solution to fit your specific scenario.

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